Travel Photo of the Day: Saffron

This spice is known for both its aesthetic qualities and its price

The spice is actually the stigma of an autumn-season crocus.

One of the most beautiful, as well as one of the most expensive, spices is rusty-colored saffron. Some say that it’s even the "gold" of the spice world, especially considering that "weight for weight [its price] can rise about that of gold," according to The Telegraph.

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A statistic like that begs for an explanation. The saffron spice is actually the dried stigma of a crocus and is largely found throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean in countries like Iran, Greece, and Morocco.

Although saffron can now be found around the world, it has been cultivated and used throughout the Middle East and Mediterranean for centuries to be used as a medicine, perfume, due, and (of course) foods and drinks.

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