Eat This Now: The Vegetable Selection at ACME from Eat This Now: The Vegetable Selection at ACME (Slideshow)

Eat This Now: The Vegetable Selection at ACME (Slideshow)

A tasting menu of seasonal vegetables from a Noma alum in New York City

Eat This Now: The Vegetable Selection at ACME

Jane Bruce

The best way to enjoy chef Refslund's vision is through his vegetable tasting menu. At $65 per person, he offers nine courses of uniquely presented vegetables, both raw and cooked.


Jane Bruce

The meal starts out with turnips served raw served with smoked cheese right on the plate.


Jane Bruce

Fresh watermelon lightly sprinkled with coarse sea salt is a perfect balance of sweet and savory.

Carrot Soup

Jane Bruce

The cold soup is served with gooseberries and summer flowers.

Corn and Eggs

Jane Bruce

The corn on the cob is rubbed with plum and sumac. The egg dish, a hand-me-down from chef Refslund's Copenhagen restaurant, MR, is filled with cauliflower and dashi, a Japanese broth.


Jane Bruce

These bite-sized cherries are inside beets and roasted.

Grilled Cucumber

Jane Bruce

This insect-looking dish is grilled cucumber with horseradish and buttermilk and garnished with nasturtium and un-ripe wine berries. 

Ricotta Dumplings and Asparagus

Jane Bruce

This light and flavorful dish features ricotta dumplings with tiny pieces of asparagus piled on top.

Onions and Currants

Jane Bruce

This simple combination of onions and currants is surprisingly intense. The two tart and sweet pieces work perfectly together.