The Spookiest Halloween-Themed Wedding Cakes

If the thought of marriage terrifies you, wait until you see these creepy cakes!

If you’re planning a Halloween wedding, these cakes will frighten and delight your guests.

Bakers are constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes to wedding cakes, creating ever-more elaborate designs that seem to defy the limits of what sugar and flour should be able to do. Throw in the added challenge of making a cake that Count Dracula would drool over, and you’ll find the many bakeries rising to the occasion with clever creepy, crawly, and masterfully macabre creations as they take on Halloween-themed wedding cake requests.

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Halloween weddings are great for couples whose favorite holiday is more freaky than festive. Though seemingly unconventional, there is something sweet about beginning a new chapter of life on a day that historically honored the deceased. After all, you are promising to love each other until death do you part

Some of these cakeries take inspiration from classic Halloween movies like  the Bride of Chucky, or Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride. Others channel the eerie allure of Victorian gothic skulls or blood-splattered tiers in their cake designs. If you happen to see one of these ghoulish wedding cakes, we guarantee you’ll sleep with one eye open and a fork in hand after taking a peek at these spooky sweet treats.

Marble Couple

Slightly eerie, but utterly gorgeous, Design Cakes’ statuesque designs are hauntingly beautiful. We love the rough shards of “marble” juxtaposed with the smooth Victorian cake toppers.

Pumpkin Cakes

Ok, it may not be “creepy,” but it is definitely seasonal. Hope’s Sweet Cakes tiered pumpkins are perfect for Halloween or any beautiful fall wedding. 


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