Easy Fall Cocktail Recipes from Your Slow Cooker

Enjoy the fall with these simple fall cocktail recipes

Easy Fall Cocktails

The key to a successful dinner party? Know your seasons. That way you can base your entire theme off of the natural, beautiful surroundings with a menu and decor entirely inspired by the season. A fall dinner party needs a great fall menu, but it also needs fabulous cocktails and mocktails.

When you are hosting a party, it is your duty to refill everyone’s glass. When you opt to make a slow cooker drink for your soirée, your job becomes a lot easier. If you are hosting a party for friends, family, or even little ones, these warm slow cooker drinks will comfort and delight your guests, especially if you happen to be throwing a fun fall party.

Slow Cooker Hot Punch: A Mulled Pomegranate Drink

Mulling spices and warmed wine will always have a place at a winter holiday table. You haven’t lived until you’ve warmed this beautiful blend of ingredients in a slow cooker to share with friends and family.

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Slow Cooker Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate

After spending the day picking pumpkins or playing in the snow, don’t your kids deserve a drink that will warm their toes as well as their heart? Enjoy this slow-cooked hot chocolate that’s made with peanut butter and topped with marshmallows for a guaranteed smile.

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Crock-Pot Mulled Pomegranate Sipper

This warm, comforting cider fills the entire house with a wonderful aroma. And guests are never disappointed when they start sipping!

— Lisa Renshaw, Kansas City, Missouri

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Slow Cooker Mulled Wine

Whether you are milling around a farmers market or enjoying a quiet evening at home by the fire, mulled wine warms your soul in a way chilled wine just can’t. This recipe, which has a little kick of brandy in it, is perfect for a wine drinker who loves a little bit of sweet aroma and flavor in a wine’s bouquet. Just set the slow cooker up and enjoy!

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Slow Cooker Mulled Apple Cider

Picture this: you’re outside for a better part of the morning, raking leaves in the brisk fall air, and you’re finally on your last pile. You walk back into the house and it hits you: the crisp smell of apples, the homey aroma of cinnamon, and the tantalizing scent of allspice. This fantasy can become a reality if you make this slow cooker drink recipe before you head out.

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Slow Cooker Chocolate Hot Buttered Rum

Warning: do not consume this drink if you are on a diet. This super indulgent, but totally worth it, slow cooker cocktail is perfect for any and all holiday parties. If you’d rather have a more classic recipe, simply cut out the chocolate chips and enjoy a familiar favorite from your slow cooker.

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Slow Cooker Spicy Hot Chocolate

Whoever said that hot chocolate was just for the kids? This slow cooker spicy hot chocolate recipe will add a kick to your cold day that regular hot chocolate just can’t. You can adjust the heat to your liking and if you want make it even more adult friendly, a few shots of cinnamon schnapps will really heat things up.

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Slow Cooker Hot Toddy

Hot toddies are the perfect antidote to a cold day, so nothing could be more welcoming than greeting guests with a slow cooker full of hot toddies for them to enjoy. This recipe will completely chase any and all cold weather blues away; party because of the enticing aroma and partly because of the alcohol.

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Slow Cooker Warm Lemonade

Typically when we think of lemonade, we are transported to a wrap-around white porch, the summer sun beating down on us on a lazy summer day. But that fresh, citrusy taste does not have to fade with the warm weather. Putting it in the slow cooker and adding a dash of seasonal spices makes this mulled drink a delicious warm cocktail for any fall or winter party.


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