9 Tips for Hosting a Fall Seafood Bake

Delicious fare from the sea doesn't have to get washed away with summer

You don't have to wait until spring to enjoy seafood!

In case you haven't noticed, fall is officially upon us. We have already made our peace with the fact that we are trading in swim trunks for sweaters, our roster of activities has shifted from pool parties to tailgates, and our menus have experienced a similar, familiar change. But no matter how much you love the chilling weather or how much you can't wait to start carving pumpkins, there's likely a small piece of you that still longs for summer weather and menus.

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Between planning vacations and celebrating summer holidays, you may think you missed your chance to host a seafood bake. We often think that when the warm weather goes away, we can't enjoy the flavors of summer, especially when it comes to seafood. But just because the warm weather has passed doesn't mean the opportunity to indulge in seafood and celebrate with friends outside has as well. 

The crisp fall weather can prove to be an effective backdrop for the perfect seafood bake. Chef Ted Pryor of the Sea Fire Grill says that a fall seafood bake is something anyone can host with the right gear and a little know-how. "The essential seafood ingredients are largely the same," assures Pryor. "The vegetables have moved from summer squash, ripe tomato, and fresh greens to late-harvest corn, new potatoes, late greens, and fall squash." Essentially, a clam bake is a simple "boil," a large mix of seafood and vegetables boiled together and served in heaping, steaming bowls. In the fall, add a homemade chowder and a spiced cider for especially cool days. 


Take advantage of the autumn weather and set up shop in the backyard and follow chef Pryor's tips for hosting a great fall roast.