The Ultimate Drink Lover's Gift Guide Slideshow

Japanese Ice Pick


Last year you gave your friend, the craft-ice enthusiasta set of large-format silicone ice cube trays. They absolutely loved it, and you, in return, were rewarded with fantastic on-the-rocks drinks all year round. So how do you one-up yourself this holiday? Easy. Gift them this über-cool Japanese ice pick — the perfect addition to any serious cocktail drinker's home bar.

Bitters Bottle


Know someone who's been bit by the bitters bug? Who looks beyond Angostura to stock their bar with an array of original, homemade varieties? If so, consider giving them this sleek glass bitters bottle to hold a batch of their unique creations.

Bar Compass

Have a friend or family member who needs help navigating the vast cocktail landscape? With this clever tool, all you have to do is rotate the discs to reveal the measurements for 16 of the most popular cocktail recipes.

Auchentoshan 1999 Bordeaux Cask Matured


Here's an interesting idea for the tippler who straddles the wine-whiskey line: Auchentoshan's 1999 Bordeaux Cask Matured, a single malt Scotch whisky that has been aged in French oak.

'Brewed Awakening'

Sterling Epicure

Without a doubt, Josh Bernstein's new book, Brewed Awakening, is the beer geek's new must-read manual. Visually dynamic and easy-to-read, the book takes an in-depth look at the country's growing craft beer scene — providing history, exploring trends, profiling brewers, and offering a wealth of tasting notes and recommendations.

Beer Tasting and Hops Appreciation Kit

Perfect for the burgeoning beer geek in your life, this beginner's kit is like Rosetta Stone for the serious hop head. Learn the basic brew lingo, as well as how to identify different hops' flavors and aromas.

Wine Bottle Thermometer

Help ensure that you always pour wine at its ideal serving temperature by adding this tech-savvy item to your holiday wish list. When placed around a bottle of wine, the thermometer cuff will display its temperature. (Plus, as an added bonus, it also suggests the best serving temperature for most wines.)

Riedel 'O' Wine Decanter

Wine Enthusiast

This super-sleek wine decanter from Riedel was designed with the flawless host in mind. The deep impression at the base allows you to hold the decanter from the bottom and serve your wine in effortless style, without having to grab hold of the spout.

Taylor Fladgate 'Scion' Tawny Port


For the special someone on your list who really, really loves tawny port (Seriously, they had better, because this bottle is going to cost you.), seek out this ultra-rare 1855 vintage from producer Taylor Fladgate.

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

If you're serious about making better coffee at home, experts will tell you that it's worthwhile to invest in a good home grinder and grind as you go. The burr-style grinder (like this one from Cuisinart) is a favorite among coffee geeks, capable of producing anything from ultra-fine to coarse grind.

Chemex Drip Coffee Carafe

The pour-over brew method does not want for fans among the coffee geek set. This elegantly designed glass piece can make up to eight cups of pure, expertly brewed coffee — plus the wooden collar allows you to pour a fresh, hot morning cup without fear of burning your fingertips.

New Norm Kettle Teapot


A treat for tea drinkers, this minimalist glass teapot features an "egg" attached to a silicone string in which you can place your loose leaf tea. When it's done brewing, just lift up the egg and pour.