Starbucks' Influence on Our Daily Lives Slideshow

The company will focus on contributing to “the national understanding around a set of key issues.”

An Essential Part of Your Morning Routine

According to this infographic from, 65% of coffee drinks are consumed with breakfast. A Starbucks outlet on practically every corner makes it that much more likely it's where you'll get your morning pick-me-up.

Starbucks, the Matchmaker

There is something very special about the relationship between a person and their coffee barista. He or she is the first person you see every morning, they know exactly how you like your coffee, and they always seem way happier to see you than your grumpy co-workers do. It's no wonder, really, that so many people end up falling for their baristas. But even if your crush doesn't amount to anything, you never know who you'll meet at your local Starbucks — after all, this couple got married at the one where they met. 

Tapping Into Coffee's Health Benefits

According to nutritionist Kelly Aronica, drinking "one to two cups [of coffee] a day can be beneficial to one's health." Studies have shown drinking moderate amounts of coffee can do everything from help reduce the risk of stroke to lower the risk of heart disease. (Of course, those Venti- and Trenta-sized drinks, and the chain's beloved specialty drinks don't count in the equation.)

Stirring up a Heated Debate

Whether it's being dissed by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck or making headlines nationwide for charging a "hidden fee," the coffee giant is no stranger to controversy.

A Constant Innovator

Starbucks has always seemed like that kid in high school that got good grades, was the star of three different varsity sports teams, participated in countless extracurriculars, and still had a social life. They're that rare breed of exceptional, successful multitasker that you can't help but be envious of, yet also can't help but like. From introducing a new roast to developing a new juice bar chain, there appears to be no limit to Starbucks' innovative ways.

The "Secret" Menu, a Customized Coffee Experience

For many people, part of Starbucks' appeal is its emphasis on making customers' coffee-drinking experience more customized. The proof is in the popularity of their "secret" menu.

Increasing Awareness About How Coffee is Made

Maryse Chevriere

Starbucks may be a large corporation, but they have always strived to be vocal and transparent about their supply chain. A practice which helps keep consumers aware about what goes in to the coffee-making process.

Helping You Make Better Coffee at Home

Tips on bags of Starbucks coffee beans offer helpful information about how to improve the taste of homemade coffee. Tips like, "grind beans just before brewing for the freshest taste" and "brew within a week of opening and keep sealed tight in a cabinet (not in the refrigerator).