San Francisco’s Cavalier Hosts a Celebration for Boodles Gin

Brooklyn’s Tom Walker shares the best recipes for the seasonal mulberry gin

British Boodles has released its seasonal mulberry gin.

Just in time for the new year, Boodles has released this year’s Mulberry Gin, its seasonal release.

In honor of the brand’s British roots, the gin-maker hosted an intimate, cozy Christmas dinner at The Cavalier in San Francisco. The menu celebrated British culinary traditions and highlighted the rare flavor of Boodles Mulberry with modern and tasty seasonal cocktails.

The event was hosted by bartender-ambassador Tom Walker, who steers the bar at Brooklyn’s Fresh Kills. The Daily Meal chatted with Walker about his love of gin and the hospitality industry.


The Daily Meal: How did you get started in the industry?

Tom Walker: I've been involved in hospitality for more than 16 years, in various forms. Once I left university I wanted to go traveling but needed to save up money and so I got a job four to five nights a week at a bar in Newcastle, where I was living at the time. I guess the rest was history.


What's your favorite gin drink?

Has to be a classic martini, two-to-one ratio with a twist 


What do you think makes Boodles stand out from other gins?

Well, there are a few things, but definitely its lack of citrus botanicals. Boodles Gin still tastes fresh and clean, and any interaction it has with citrus (either with juice as an ingredient or a citrus garnish) broadens its flavor profile.


What are some festive holiday drinks to make with the mulberry gin?

I’ve developed a few variations on classic cocktails for the holidays. The Mamble is a twist on the classic Bramble cocktail and the Mulberry Negroni plays on the Negroni recipe. I also made Mulberry Fizz and Winter Nights drinks, too.


What is the key to keeping your gin as cool as possible?

Make sure everything solid is chilled: the bar spoon, the glass you're pouring the cocktail into, everything. And make sure you have big, clear ice to reduce the rate of dilution.


What are you most excited for about the Boodles Mulberry launch?

I’m most looking forward to people trying a new expression, a style they've never had before. It's always exciting for people to try something new, especially when it's executed so well.


If you weren't spreading the gin love, what would you be doing instead?


Working in the bar, which is what I usually do!