Quidditch and 8 Other Ways You Never Knew You Could Play Beer Pong from Quidditch and 8 Other Ways You Never Knew You Could Play Beer Pong Slideshow

Quidditch and 8 Other Ways You Never Knew You Could Play Beer Pong Slideshow

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Quidditch and 8 Other Ways You Never Knew You Could Play Beer Pong

The frat boy-famous drinking game of tossing ping-pong balls into a cup has morphed into a whole new ball game. Today, you can transform beer pong into a whole slew of new games with just a few props and a decent British accent.



First, you’ll need to make three hoops out of yellow duct tape and old wire hangers. Set up your cups and split into houses. If the quaffle (ball) goes through a hoop and makes it in the cup, it counts as two (much as if the ball were to bounce). However, the opposing team is allowed to use bludgers (hands) to knock the ball out of the way once it gets through the hoop. Teams can use spells (up to four per team) whenever they want, and there are a bunch of them. When there is just one cup left, the snitch comes into play. First team to 100 wins.

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Battle Shots

Battle Ship meets beer pong. Imagine if the two were played at the same time. This is that game. Set up shots as you would ships, and attempt to “sink” your opponent’s shots.



Forget your beer pong table. For this game, you’ll need an out-of-commission air hockey table. Drill six cup-sized holes into each end, just behind the goal. Place cups in the hole, fill ‘em up, and have at it.


Hungry, Hungry Hippong

This is kind of the free-for-all version of beer pong that every game turns into after everyone’s been at it a few hours. Set up a six-stack of cups in triangle formation. Each side has 50 balls. Both sides throw as many balls as possible as fast as possible. There is no taking turns, no care for eyes or other body parts. Play ends when both sides are out of balls, all of one side’s cups have been sunk, or three minutes has passed — whichever comes first. Winner is whoever sunk the most cups or was the first to sink all the opponents’ cups. Loser picks up the balls.



Set up as you would a traditional game of beer pong. Add a Plinko board just behind your cups. In order for your play to count, your ball has to travel through the Plinko board before it hits your opponent’s cups. Easy the first time, not so much the tenth.


Baseball Pong

Just like America’s favorite pastime, baseball beer pong can last a while. There are nine innings in the game, three outs per inning. First cup = single, second cup = double, third cup = triple, fourth cup = home run! Standard beer pong shooting is not permitted. Instead, players bounce the ball into the opposing team's cups. If player one makes it into the second cup, both the first base cup and second are consumed. Refill before the next batter and keep at it.



Set up as you would beer pong with a six stack, triangle-shaped set of cups. Add beer to five and to the sixth, add something else. This is the wormhole. If a player hits the wormhole, teams switch places instead of drinking.


American Revolution Pong

It’s Americans vs. the British in this version of beer pong. America gets five cups in whatever formation they want. The British get nine cups in a straight line. Once per game, the British side — who must be doing accents the whole time — adds one “Hessian Solder” to their ranks by adding a cup filled with only German beer (and now one player does a German accent). Once every five minutes (up to five times), the Americans can add one beer to their ranks.


Basket Pong

Basket Pong is an actual product advertised on the side of NASCAR racecars. The board holds six cups and can be floated in a pool or attached to a pole to mimic a basketball net. Opt for a half-court game where you’re all against each other or full-court for a team vs. team situation.

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