Banana Smoothie


On Making a Smoothie: Banana Cocoa Soy Smoothie

This smoothie has tons of protein

You’ve probably heard that tofu, fruit, and soy are good for you, but getting your daily dose of each can sometimes be difficult. You can find recipes for each and include them into your breakfast, lunch, or dinner, but thanks to the glorious convenience of smoothies, you don’t have to.

A smoothie allows you to enjoy an entire serving of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy supplements in one glass. In addition, you can enjoy a smoothie on-the-go. Once you begin to take full advantage of smoothie-making, there are absolutely no excuses not to be healthy.

To achieve your daily dose of protein, soy smoothies are your best bet. Mix some tofu with banana, soy milk, honey, and unsweetened cocoa powder, and you’ll never be short on protein again.

Click here for the Banana Cocoa Soy smoothie recipe. New to making smoothies? Click here to learn how to make one.

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