How You Can Still Drink Jäger As a Grown Up

The traditional way to drink it is fun, but a little immature

Shutterstock/ Freeskyline

No need to completely give up Jäger. 

What’s your first thought when someone suggests you order a round Jägermeister at the bar? It’s probably something along the lines of “but I have to work tomorrow” or “I’m not trying to take shots right now!” In other words, everyone knows that Jägermeister is prominently indulged in as a shot, or better yet, a Jäger bomb.

If you’re not looking to throw down a couple of shots — because you’re “too grown up” or have to be productive in the morning — you may think that you have to give up Jäger altogether. But we’re here to tell you that there are other ways you can enjoy this unique German liquor.

Here are a few ways you can enjoy Jäger that aren’t as “college” as taking shots:

Drink It in the Morning

You read that right — Jäger can be enjoyed in the a.m. How, you ask? In a brunch cocktail, of course. We have the perfect Jäger mary recipe that will give your morning just the kick it needs to get the weekend going.

Drink It in a Cocktail

No, shots are not the only way to enjoy Jäger without getting super creative — you can mix it into a quick cocktail as well. Whether you mix up a simple Jäger and soda or an intricate recipe, this liquor can create quite the drink!  

Check out this Lovely Licorice Jager cocktail recipe.

Make It a Root Beer Float


Who says root beer floats are just for kids? In fact, when you add liquor to this tasty treat, it becomes strictly adults only. We have the perfect Jäger milkshake recipe for all of you ice cream fanatics out there! Check it out here.