Stella Artois

Craig Barritt, Getty Images for Stella Artois

‘Host One to Remember’ This Holiday With Stella Artois and Chrissy Teigen

The campaign is meant to inspire consumers to put a personal touch when entertaining during the holiday season

Stella Artois has collaborated with Chrissy Teigen, model, TV host, and New York Times bestselling cookbook author, and notable Belgian chef Bart Vandaele for this season’s “Host One to Remember” campaign, launching this month.

"Stella Artois was originally named after a star and crafted as a holiday gift for the people of Leuven, Belgium, so holiday hosting isn't new for Stella Artois; it's who we are," Harry Lewis, vice president of Stella Artois, said in a press release. "This season, we're celebrating our Belgian origins and encouraging others to bring their own passion and personal style to holiday hosting to create special moments that will last forever.”

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The campaign also introduces a modern twist on the menu for “King’s Feast,” an unofficial holiday in Belgium that’s celebrated on Nov. 15. For this special menu, Teigen and Vandaele put their own personal twists on Belgian classics to complement the flavors of Stella Artois. Teigen has rolled out a Spicy Mussels With Stella Artois recipe and Vandaele has unveiled a recipe for Stella Artois King's Feast Carbonnade a la Flamande (a classic beef stew).