The Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee and Tea Lovers Slideshow

'Joe the Coffee Book'

Any Joe fan (or for that matter, any fan of Stumptown, Intelligentsia, and the like) will get a kick out of seeing the coffee process from start to finish: purchase, roasting, and brewing. Learn how to make the perfect shot of espresso, what kind of beans to buy, and more from New York’s coffee experts, Gabrielle and Joe Rubinstein.


Bodum Chambord 8-Cup French Press Coffeemaker

Tell your mom and dad that the Mr. Coffee Maker is on its way out: upgrade the traditional drip coffeemaker with a sleek French coffee press. The French press eliminates paper filters (a key point for the environmentally conscious friend), but keeps all the essential oils and flavors for a cup of coffee. Plus, the sleek design of Bodum's French press is a coffeemaker you'll want to leave out on the counter long after the last cup is brewed.


Tea Cabinet

A beautiful place to store your tea pots, tea cups, and tea bags: the reclaimed cedar cabinet adds a special touch to your kitchen. (Fun fact: the numbers on the cabinet are the latitude and longitude points for Argentina!)


Coaster Coffee Cup Confessions

Fans of Jane Austen and die-hard romantics will flip over these handmade, Italian stone coasters; the set contains the full text of Mr. Darcy's proposal to Elizabeth in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. (Cue the "awws.")


Coffee Stencil

Know a pro at latte art? Challenge them to a new design, featuring some adorable penguins. The easy-to-use stencil means you can add some animals to your coffee drink, cereal, pancakes, and more — your kids will get a kick out of their penguin hot chocolates. 


Café au Lait and Brazilian Espresso Handcrafted Soaps

You know the ones who can’t get enough of the smell of coffee? Now, transform their bathroom or kitchen with a coffee-smelling soap packed with real coffee grinds. The coffee grinds act as a natural exfoliant (minus the mess), while the French roasted coffee, vanilla, coconut, and almond oils and scents soften skin. The perfect stocking-stuffer for a coworker, hostess, or mom.


Rattleware Latte Art Pitcher

Again, for those looking for a challenge on their latte art design: the tapered stout of the stainless steel pitcher makes fancy designs a cinch. 

$9.49 for 12 ounces,

Russian Rose Caravan Tea From Republic of Tea

How cool is this? Fancy tea brand, Republic of Tea, partnered up with the movie Anna Karenina, to make a delectable black tea blend. Made with rose petals and black teas from Russian caravans, the tea is noteworthy on its own — but partnering with the movie makes it perfect for film lovers and romantics alike. 

$9.50 for 50 tea bags,

Tea Leaves Infuser

Take the mess out of making whole-leaf tea, and stock up on a tea-leaf infuser that makes your tea cup extra cute. (Yes, it looks like a potted plant!) Bonus points: it's BPA-free and dishwaser-friendly, so it's a piece of cake (or cup of tea?) to use.


Travel Coffee Pack

For the world traveler (who desperately needs a cup of joe each morning), the Eight Ounce Coffee travel pack has thought it all the way through. From a portable hand bean grinder, a to-go coffee brewer, a reusable cloth filter, and a KeepCup to drink out of, making coffee — and good coffee, at that — on the run is a cinch.


Chamomile Lavender Tea Blend From Teaologist

Our favorite tea blender creates a tasty tisane blend, perfect for the after-holiday lull. (We know how tiring the holidays can be!) The tea is a soothing mix sure to guarantee an easy night of sleep.