Healthy Natural Energy Drinks

If you thought we were talking about Red Bull, think again


Take the term “Energy Drinks” with a grain of salt.  

If you’re in serious need of a recharge, trust us when we say that there are healthier ways to get it than drinking an energy drink. Don’t believe us? A 16-ounce can of Red Bull has as much as 52 grams of sugar, and if you’ve ever taken the time to read the label, chances are, you won’t be able to pronounce half of the ingredients.  No matter how amped-up you feel after drinking it, the damage it can do to your metabolism, weight, and oral hygiene just isn’t worth it.

Looking for healthy and natural energy drink alternatives? We have three suggestions.

Green Smoothies

Natural greens have the ability to supercharge your day like nothing else. Spinach, kale, and arugula smoothies help to alkalize your body, while simultaneously providing energy-boosting antioxidant support. Blend a handful of leafy greens and watch the magic happen.

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Protein Smoothie

Protein is important, and it can act as a natural energy-booster. The addition of 10 grams of protein to a smoothie helps carbohydrates in your diet convert to energy. If you’re in need of a quick helping of protein, add some whey protein into a smoothie for an energy-boosting breakfast on the go.

Click here for the perfect protein smoothie recipe.

Wheatgrass Shot

Wheatgrass is a sprouted green grass that has many reputable health benefits; one of which is increased energy levels. Just one ounce of wheatgrass provides the vitamin and mineral equivalent to almost 2.2 pounds of healthy vegetables. It also contains energy-enhancing chlorophyll that may play an important role in cancer prevention. If you’re hesitant to try wheatgrass in the form of a shot, try it in a smoothie instead.

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