Great Sprits for Toasting the Old Year and Welcoming the New

A gift basket of white and brown spirits with some ports added
Martin Miller Gin

Martin Miller Gin / Facebook

In addition to welcoming in the New Year, we should raise a glass to the Old Year.

As midnight nears on New Year’s Eve, we’ll all have our sparkling wines ready to toast in the New Year, 2016.

But whether it is New Year’s Eve or in the days immediately before and after, shouldn’t we also take a look back at 2015? Shouldn’t we take some time to think about all the good things that happened during the previous 12 months and celebrate them with a glass of a good spirit?

And if 2015 was a really, really crappy year that you would like to forget, then raise a glass in thanks that it’s almost over! Here are selected spirits and fortified wines we’ve sipped over the past year for your “toastal” consideration. (Prices are approximate, and will vary from place to place.)