10 Tips For Making The Perfect New Year's Eve Toast

With the kickoff to the countdown for a new year moments away at your big party, you know the time is coming. Being the host of such a big evening requires you to step up to the plate in more ways than one. Yes, we know you already provided the food, the atmosphere, and the fun, but you also may be expected to give a toast to help start the new year off right. The problem? You can drink the bubbly but have no idea how to toast with it. Don't worry, renowned party planner and etiquette expert David Tutera is here to help.

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"If you didn't know a toast was going to be in order, that's OK," he says. "You can give one on the fly! Make sure to thank your guests for joining you for the evening's festivities; mention that you're looking forward to a great year with friends and family, both new and old; and maybe throw in a highlight of what made this past year so wonderful. No one will know you were caught off guard!"

And what about the rest of the details? Don't worry, we can help you get those into place as well! From how to announce your toast to the best time to deliver it, Tutera can help make public speaking a breeze even after a few glasses of champagne!

"A toast is a wonderful part of almost any celebration, and New Year's Eve is a classic toasting occasion. Celebrating the new year means starting with a blank slate, looking forward to upcoming changes, and making resolutions for a better you in the coming months," he says. "Giving a toast on New Year's sets the stage not just for your party, but for the coming year with your loved ones."

With at that being said, do it right and raise your glass with class using these helpful tips.