The Gift Guide for Wine Lovers Slideshow

Winerd Board Game

Do you know why wine bottles are stored on their sides? Or what grape is used predominantly for beaujolais? If you don't, there's a fun way to learn: for the friend who's still learning the basics of wine, this party-friendly board game turns knowledge into fun. The game takes you through a basic tasting of three wines, helps you record notes on the wines, then tests your knowledge on the wines you just tried. (No guarantees that four or five wines in you'll remember what you wrote...) 


Gräf & Lantz Wine Carrier

Your fashion-forward sister or brother needs a better way to bring wine to a party — one that isn't a brown paper bag. Made of thick Merino felt and real leather, the handmade carrier is a stylish alternative. (The carrier also comes in red; and there's an equally stylish double carrier for the true party-goer.)


Modern House Wines

You know there's no easier gift than a bottle of wine for coworkers, friends, and in-laws. Now, you can express a (tongue-in-cheek) sentiment on the bottles you gift. Napa Valley's Swanson Vineyards' house red wine comes in festive bottles, with sayings like "Expensive," "With Love," "Merci," and "Lucky You." No need for holiday cards! 


Yankee Candle Grapevine & Oak Candle

Maybe your mom can't afford her dream vacation to wine country — but you can bring it to her with Yankee Candle's collection of wine-inspired scents. The Grapevine & Oak candle has a full-bodied aroma of crisp grapes, citrus, and oak.


Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

A can't-go-wrong gift — champagne — in a cheeky container is sure to get a rave review. The classic champagne comes in a sardine can-inspired case, with a true tab and undulated sides. (Real sardines not included.)



Wines That Rock

Yes, that's a Grateful Dead bottle of wine there. The collection of custom red and white wines pays homage to the rock gods: a chardonnay for Woodstock, a cabernet sauvignon for Pink Floyd, a merlot for The Rolling Stones, and two red wine blends for the Grateful Dead and The Police. The label will grab you in the store, but it's the wines that will keep you coming back; the quality of the wines (for a mere $15) will pleasantly surprise you.

$15 each,

'Staches for Your Glasses

What better way to tell wine glasses apart with a cheeky mustache? These handmade mustaches clip onto the glass — and will make your party-loving friend the hit of the night. The easiest stocking-stuffer you'll find this Christmas. 


Christmas Wine Labels

Want to class up the bottles of wine you're giving away this Christmas? Easy: stick on a nostalgic (and sassy) wine label sticker sure to make your recipient giggle. This will be one bottle they won't toss after the party.

$6.95 for 6 labels, $19.95 for 18;


Botskis Wine Ties

Yes, they are the most ridiculously cheesy wine accessory you'll see this holiday season: but you know there's someone on your Christmas list who would get a kick out of it. (Hey, they even light up!)

$9.99 for 1,

Save the Bubbly Monogrammed Champagne Stopper

Nothing kills a party faster than flat champagne — so this chrome, monogrammed stopper has a rubber seal to ensure your champagne stays fresh. Perfect for the newlywed friends looking to keep the celebration going.



Those looking for an easy, yet stylish, way to store wine will die over the Vynebar. The modern, vertical wine rack makes a $8 bottle of wine look much, much fancier than it actually is. Pick between multiple, bright colors, and you've scored major gift points with your friends and family. 

Starting at $54.99,