Elijah Craig Unveils New Major Redesign of Flagship Small Batch

Elijah Craig Whiskey Small Batch debuts new sleek look with the promise of more public accessibility

Elijah Craig Small Batch was first introduced in 1986, long before the term "small batch" was ever popularized

Heaven Hill Distillery, one of the nation’s oldest and foremost American whiskey producers, unveiled a major redesign of flagship Elijah Craig Small Batch American whiskey. Elijah Craig Small Batch was first introduced in 1986, long before the term "small batch" was ever popularized.

The new design comes from the 81-year-old, family-run parent company’s renewed commitment to the Elijah Craig brand in hopes of making it more accessible to the public.

“At a time when the demand for Bourbon is at record levels, we are renewing our commitment to crafting Elijah Craig Small Batch so we can have it more broadly available in the market, rather than always on allocation or simply out of stock,” says Max L. Shapira, president of Heaven Hill Distillery and second-generation family member. “Our new bottle design celebrates Elijah Craig Small Batch’s promise of being a premium Bourbon of the highest quality in our industry.”

The new bottle is taller and more refined looking with cleaner, sleek lines and topped with a cork garnished with dark brown stained wood. The year “1789” is embossed on the glass, denoting the year Rev. Elijah Craig, the so-called “Father of Bourbon,” founded his distillery, and a small paper label that lives on the lower front of the bottle is branded with Elijah Craig’s signature as well as product information.

Elijah Craig Small Batch is made exclusively from small batches of only eight-year-old to 12-year-old Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey aged in charred oak barrels.  This whiskey recently garnered prestigious accolades including a Gold Medal at the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition; Double Gold Medal and “Best Bourbon in Show” at 2016 Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America Convention; and a 92 (Excellent/Highly Recommended) at the 2016 Ultimate Spirits Challenge.

It is suggested that with its complex taste, Elijah Craig Small Batch be enjoyed neat or on the rocks, but it also shines in classic cocktails like the Gold Rush, Old-Fashioned, and Manhattan.

However, in celebration of the redesign and in the spirit of the fall season, Megan Dorman, mixologist and owner of NYC’s The Bennett, crafted a Haystack Toddy combining Elijah Craig Small Batch, Domaine de Canton Ginger Liqueur, pumpkin butter, and hot water. Click here for the recipe.