Dr Pepper Dark Berry Is the Year’s Best New Soda

Inspired by ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home,’ this new soda is the hero we deserve

Dr Pepper is getting dark, but don’t worry. It’s berry, berry delicious. In conjunction with the upcoming film “Spider-Man: Far From Home,” Dr Pepper is launching a new, limited-time flavor, Dark Berry. Daily Meal got to try the new soda before it hits store shelves on May 1, and reader, it was good.

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While a lot of fruit-flavored colas and sodas don’t particularly resemble the things they’re supposedly inspired by and named for, Dr Pepper Dark Berry both smells and tastes exactly like what it promises. Perhaps it’s because the drink isn’t designed to taste like one particular berry. A fact sheet for the product says it blends classic Dr Pepper with blackberry, black currant and black cherry flavors. So dark!

Our tasters thought the berry flavor blended well with the je ne sais quoi flavor of classic Dr Pepper. “The new Dr Pepper tasted just like the regular Dr Pepper with a little more emphasis on black licorice and a hint of generic berry,” one drinker remarked. And because we’re always waiting for happy hour, another editor noted that this particular soda would be a great mixer with a little bit of rum. The flavor of dark berries is present and fragrant, without overwhelming the essence of Dr Pepper.

Dr Pepper Dark Berry will roll out in stores starting May 1 for a limited time, while supplies last. The beverage will be available both in 12-pack cans (MSRP: $5.29) and individual 20-ounce bottles ($1.99). The rollout of Dr Pepper Dark Berry with its “Spider-Man: Far From Home” packaging is part of a whole line of special-edition themed cans across Dr Pepper’s portfolio. So, fans of superheroes and soda, it’s time to get pumped!

Dr Pepper Dark Berry case

Courtesy Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper is far from the only soda brand to launch a fruit-forward new flavor. Diet Coke rolled out four fruity flavors last year and introduced Strawberry Guava and Blueberry Acai to their lineup in January. Just earlier this month, Pepsi also introduced its first new flavors in some time: Mango, Berry and Lime. We’re expecting new twists on classic beverages to be just one of the biggest food trends to keep your eye on in 2019.