Pepsi Debuts 3 New Flavors: Berry, Lime and Mango

These new takes on the classic cola are on store shelves now

Regular cola is out, fruit-flavored cola is in. A little over a year after Coca-Cola revamped their Diet Cokes with four new flavors, Pepsi is following suit by debuting three new takes on their classic soda. Pepsi Berry, Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Mango are on store shelves now. We got to try them, and considering they share the same base soda (which is to say: Pepsi), these three new colas tasted wildly different from each other.

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First we sampled Pepsi Lime. We figured, hey, when you order a cola at a restaurant it comes with a squeeze of lemon or lime — so how bad could this be? Unfortunately, despite being made with “a splash of lime juice,” this Pepsi had us missing an actual fresh lime. “The lime had a decent citrus flavor, but it would taste a lot better to just squeeze lime into a normal Pepsi,” one taster mused. Others found that the lime flavor was the most similar to a classic Pepsi and had to search for that lime flavor, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Subtlety is good!

Next, we sipped on the Pepsi Mango. A second tester had rave reviews. “This transported me to an island oasis,” she said, and most agreed. Though syrupy sweet, this Pepsi variant felt the most loyal to the fruit it was named after, and because mangoes are delicious, so was this cola. It had us dreaming of Malibu, both the beach and the rum, and thinking of summer days. Seriously, a splash of rum would be great in this.

Our last Pepsi was the Pepsi Berry, and it tasted very familiar to this group of millennials. “The berry flavor totally reminded me of Pepsi Blue, but how I remember it from when I was younger,” one drinker remarked. “When I had Pepsi Blue as an adult, it was disgusting and too much, but this had a less artificial taste to it.” While the flavor was totally nostalgic, we felt slightly less guilty drinking Pepsi Berry than we would drinking the highly artificially colored Pepsi Blue that we knew and loved in the early 2000s.

Pepsi Berry wasn’t the only seemingly familiar flavor to us. If Pepsi Lime feels like a product that already exists to you, don’t worry. You’re not crazy! Pepsi Lime totally did exist in the mid-2000s, until it was quietly pulled from store shelves in the United States. Diet Pepsi Lime, however, has been around since 2018. Even Pepsi Mango existed under the Pepsi Next branding, which had fewer calories and less sugar than standard Pepsi.


Pepsi Lime, Pepsi Mango and Pepsi Berry are on store shelves now in 12-ounce cans in twelve-packs at all national retailers until June 14. After that date, the three new flavors will be available exclusively at Target and Walmart in “sleek cans” in packs of eight. Honestly, we were pretty fond of these new Pepsi cans, so it seems like it’ll just be another one of those groceries that we have to head to Target for!