The Sweetest Cocktail of Them All

Bite into this tasty cocktail glass

Fill this chocolate glass up with a creamy liquor.

As the holiday season approaches, invitations to countless annual parties will start. While some of the festivities can become repetitive, there is one thing that can guarantee hosting the party of year… Bar Candy. The edible chocolate cocktail glasses are becoming the go to hosting essential for holiday gatherings and special occasions, and created by award-wining mixologist Liz Green.

“I wanted to start a company that not only specialized in original cocktail catering, but also offered something so original that it would blow everyone’s mind,” Green said. “I came up with the idea of an edible cocktail glass.”

Designed to fit into the elegant small holders, the chocolate cones are made with Belgian chocolate and are offered in an array of flavors. “The cones are available in white, dark, milk, and white with any color swirl, as well as dark with white swirls,” Green said. While the edible glasses are ideal for holiday entertaining, they offer sophisticated twist for weddings, corporate events, and other special occasions.

As a mixologist, Green crafts unique and tasty seasonal cocktails that Bar Candy users can easily make at home. Whether using fresh fruits and herbs in the summer, or putting a twist on a classical in the fall and winter, she blends the tastes of the season into a cocktail. During this time of the year, she enjoys making her spiced pumpkin sage cheesecake-tini and the apple pie ala mode-tini, which will instantly make it the drink of the season for any party. “One of my go to recipes is my Chocolate Orange Chipotle-tini, which won The New York Bar Show Cocktail Competition,” Green said.

Chocolate Cocktail Glass

Don't you just want to bite into these?

For the upcoming holiday season, Green explains that the cocktail collection is anything inspiring from the pantry. “Most home cooks have pie mix, dessert baking items, spices, vanilla, half and half, and more,” she said. “It is so easy to create a dessert cocktail that will blow your guests minds with some of these simple ingredients.” One thing that Green likes to add to holiday cocktails is edible gold, silver and red glitter around the rims and sprinkle on top of the drinks.

“When it comes to the holidays, people can really unleash their imagination,” she said.

Bar Candy needs at least one week to fulfill orders.