Best Teas for Your Health

There’s a type of tea for everything
Healthy tea

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Here’s some healthy teas worth sipping.

Many Americans are taking the initiative to live a healthier lifestyle. Making changes in your diet and promising yourself you will go to the gym more are great places to start, but they’re not the easiest things to do right off the bat.

Cutting down on sweets when you used to eat them every day will cause your body to go through withdrawals. Additionally, going from zero exercise to exercising every day is a little extreme. To become healthier, you must ease into the process. Where’s the best place to start? We suggest doing your research on essential nutrients and what they do for your body, decide on where you’re lacking, and then, explore the world of tea.

Tea includes herbs that will serve your body in ways you never thought possible. If you’re looking for a simple way to improve your lifestyle, these are the best teas for you.

Better Sleep: Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a range of daisy-like plants that’s been used as traditional medicine for years and years. Its main healing properties, apigenin and bisabolol, can help you sleep better through the night.

Losing Weight: Green Tea

Green Tea contains EGCG, a useful catechin for maintaining metabolic health. Studies show that drinking plenty of green tea burns calories, promoting weight loss. 

Stronger Bones and Teeth: Oolong Tea

Set aside that glass of milk; there are healthier ways to obtain your daily dose of calcium. In fact, the inhibitory properties of Oolong tea have been proven to aid stronger bones and teeth.


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