Best Teas for Detoxing

If you’re in serious need of a detox, drink this tea
detox tea

Shutterstock/ Olena Kaminetska

Drinking tea is a great way to detox.

Are you worried about feeling the “bloated blues” after your hearty Thanksgiving meal? Or, have you been attending so many holiday parties that you’re feeling the need to detox? The chilly weather is ideal for snuggling by a fire or munching on some holiday candy, but it’s also the prime time of year for indulgence.

Tired of feeling unpleasant after munching on too many holiday treats? Set down the candy corn and make a cup of tea. If you’re looking to detox, try out these teas.

Traditional Medicinals EveryDay Detox

This “everyday detox” is blended with a combination of herbs inspired by Chinese medicine, including things like dandelion and chicory roots. The taste is sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, and the detoxing effects are endless. In the words of Traditional Medicinals, it “gives the liver the love it deserves.”

Triple Leaf Tea Detox

Triple Leaf Tea Detox rids the body of toxins, helping promote clearer skin, healthier hair, and increasing flow of energy throughout the body. This blend contains potent Chinese purification herbs that are sure to have you feeling fully rejuvenated.

Yogi DeTox Tea


Yogi’s DeTox blend focuses on filtering two major organs: the liver and the kidneys. By using purifying herbs like burdock and organic dandelion, this tasty tea will keep you balanced within.