Best Beer To Drink While Watching The Super Bowl This Year

Best Beers to Drink While You Watch the Super Bowl This Year

These are the beers you'll want to be drinking when the wings hit the table.

Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo is interesting enough to surprise guests but still well-known enough not to intimidate them. It has structure enough to stand up to strong flavors like hot jalapeños and heavy cheeses. Strong bubbles help lighten things up so you can make it past the first quarter without going into a food coma.

Guinness Extra Stout

Make the stout lover that shows up at every game day event happy and have a couple six-packs of Guinness on hand. It's a big beer with loyal fans and it pairs surprisingly well with just-as-big meat and potato dishes. Order up some loaded potato skins and shepherd's pie, and save room for a chocolate dessert; the coffee and cocoa notes present in the stout will make the meal-ender that much better.

Dale’s Pale Ale

Even anti-canned-beer snobs will line up for Dale's. The award-winning pale ale delivers floral hops with a balanced flavor that pairs nicely with BBQ, burgers, sauced-up wings and sausage. Eager to set out a halftime showstopper? Try making a beer can chicken — using a can of Dale's, natch.

Shiner Bock Dark Lager

If you're serving up an order of pig while the pigskin is passing hands on TV, then make sure to have some Shiner Bock on hand. Monks actually used to drink Bock to sustain themselves during the 40-day Lenten fast because of its nutritional value. Despite its heartiness, it pairs well with pork, game meats, and heavier meat dishes like chili. Amp it up a level and use Shiner Bock to flavor your chili, too.


Whether it's Bud, Bud Lite, or one of Bud's lime-spiked concoctions, have something from the brand on ice. Bud may not be the most sophisticated beer you've ever had, but chances are it's the first one you tried, so it screams Americana, just like the Super Bowl. No one will hate you if you set up a White Castle Crave Case of sliders right near the cooler, either.

New Belgium Mothership Wit

Wheat beers are easy drinkers, but that doesn't mean they should be boring. The organic Mothership Wit is brewed with wheat and barley malt, coriander, and orange peel spice, and has flavor notes of clove and banana that manages to be spicy, herbal, and citrusy sour all at the same time. This is a refreshing brew, so it will play nicely with rich dips like hummus.

Fuller's London Porter

Fuller's London Porter is a modern version of a classic porter-style beer. Fuller's award-winning take is smooth and rich with flavors of coffee and chocolate. It's one that will showcase the flavors of steak perfectly, so if steaks, steak tacos, steak sandwiches, and the like are on your menu, Fuller's London Porter should be, too.

Legend Brown Ale

If you've got a crew that is new to craft beer drinking, Legend Brown will be a great intro beer for them. It's got loads of flavor (caramel, toasted nuts, coffee, molasses) and pairs well with the bread/meat/cheese combos that are so popular on game day. It's the brewery's most popular beer and one that could wind up being a fan favorite.

Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter

Funky Buddha's popular Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is back in stock again at Florida's Funky Buddha Brewery on January 15, so get your plane tickets or credit cards ready to order up a storm of this stuff. The name says it all — this beer is a perfect balance of maple syrup, bacon, and coffee. None overwhelm, but all are present like the perfect diner-style breakfast.

Beer Here Mørke Pumpernickel Porter

Shock and awe your guests with Mørke's Pumpernickel Porter. The Danish brewery set out to create a beer that was as lush and dark as the bread it's modeled after and tastes as savory and sweet. It's a fun finger-food beer created by Christian Skovdal Anderson, former brew master at the award-winning Ølfabrikken. His motto is "Don't waste your thirst," and you won't with this food-friendly brew.