Sensible Sippers Fruit Punch from The Best and Worst Juice Boxes Slideshow

The Best and Worst Juice Boxes Slideshow

Jane Bruce
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Sensible Sippers Fruit Punch

This juice box was the smallest out of the bunch and got the smallest amount of positive votes. No one gave this juice box more than a 60 percent, with one staffer even ranking it as 59 percent! The diluted flavor — it’s mixed with water — was responsible for the low score, as well as an artificial, non-fruity taste. One editor even commented that it was "the only one I spit back into the cup." The other tasting notes didn’t get much better with, "rubbing alcohol," "offensive," and "bad grape," being some of the tamer comments. If you want watered-down juice, it might be better to do it yourself. Our editors certainly didn’t want to swallow this juice box!

RW Knudsen Sensible Sippers Fruit Punch

1 box (4.23 ounces): 30 calories, 7 grams of sugar