7 Quirky Coffee Shops Slideshow

Cacao Coffee House (Los Angeles)

Yelp/Erik T.

A tiki-themed bar? Sure. But a tiki-themed coffee shop? Now that's not something you see every day. This eclectic, retro West LA spot (a frequent host to the work of local artists) is a great place to linger over a cold brew iced coffee, a nutty mocha, or a chocolate-banana-hazelnut shake.

Sedona Bike & Bean (Sedona, Ariz.)

Located near the beginning of a major area bike trail, this coffee shop-cycling store hybrid (which opened in 1995) is considered by many to be the originator of the now-popular genre here in the U.S. And despite the seemingly odd coupling of bikes and espresso, fans will quickly tell you that neither suffers for lack of attention.

The Wormhole (Chicago)

As the name suggests (and the in-shop DeLorean and '80s-era paraphernalia makes abundantly clear), this Wicker Park coffee shop is a real time warp. Still, their coffee, which is made from Metropolis beans and other U.S. specialty roasters, is pure modern-day coffee geek quality.

Kick Butt Coffee (Austin, Texas)

Martial arts is the theme at this Austin specialty coffee shop, where the baristas wear kung fu-esque outfits and nunchucks hang on the walls.

Café Jack (Los Angeles)

Yelp/Yvette L.

Die-hard fans of the 1997 classic Titanic should feel right at home at this unique cafe in LA's Koreatown. As if the shop's boat shape isn't proof enough of its dedication to the theme, inside you'll find posters and framed scenes from the movie.

KISS Coffeehouse (Myrtle Beach, N.C.)

Devotees of the popular band KISS can stop in for a quick pick-me-up here with a side of serious rocker memorabilia.

Java Divas (Pasadena, Md.)

Yelp/Johnny T.

This young, gourmet coffee shop invites fans to "plan your week according to ours." What does that mean exactly? Monday through Saturday, the lovely lady baristas dress up in "sexy" outfits that correspond with the theme of the day. So, for example, you can visit the shop on Thursday to be served by a barista dressed up for "back to school day," or on Saturday for "beach day."