7 Julep Recipes You've Never Heard Of Slideshow

The Bramble On Cocktail

For a fun play on the mint julep, mint leaves and all, there is Ada St.'s Bramble On. This refreshing cocktail created with Derby Day in mind includes Broker's Gin, lemon juice, and raspberry jam, shaken and strained over ice. Click here for the recipe for the Bramble On cocktail.

The Derby Cocktail

This play on a julep, from The Gage head bartender Thomas Mooneyham, includes Buffalo Trace Bourbon, sweet vermouth, orange curaçao, and lime juice. Click here for the recipe for the Derby Cocktail.

The Perfect Mint Julep

No one knows mint juleps than then good people at Maker's Mark, one of Kentucky's finest premium bourbons. Maker's Mark founder Bill Samuels Sr. has happily offered up his family's personal recipe for the perfect mint julep. 

The Officer Flag Julep

A mint julep made with made with grappa, chamomile syrup, and champagne? While this drink is primarily a spirit-forward julep, the chamomile flavors along with the grappa work nicely with the chalk, yeast, and bubbles of the champagne. The Flag Officer Julep is made at Maison Premiere in Brooklyn, N.Y. Click here for the Flag Officer Julep cocktail recipe.

The Derby Julep Cobbler

Want a refreshing, and fruity, take on the mint julep? Add strawberries and cucumbers, as Ryan Asay, head mixologist at the Windsor Court in New Orleans, has. Click here for the recipe for the Derby Julep Cobbler.

The Devil's Claim Cocktail

Tavernita's Tippling Bros. have curated a winning version of the traditional mint julep perfect for sipping while betting the stakes. Instead of mint, the recipe calls for raspberry purée and a spicy cinnamon syrup. Click here for the recipe for the Devil's Claim cocktail.

Moroccan Classic Julep

Want a Moroccan twist on the classic mint julep? Morgan Schick of Jupiter Olympus in San Francisco created this minty-fresh julep using Anchor Distilling's Hirsch Small Batch Reserve, and a moroccan tea ice cube. Click here for the recipe for the Moraccan Classic Julep.