7 Drinking Games You've Never Heard Of Slideshow

What you need: 24 Solo cups, 3 ping pong balls

Number of players: Two teams of 3

How drunk will you get: Very, and very fast

Consider Civil War the shorter (and faster) version to beer pong: Called "the world's angriest historical drinking game" by Williams College students, this will get you hurling ping pongs at each other very fast.


Fill up your Solo cups halfway, and set them up in six diamond shapes (four cups each), three diamonds total at each end of the table.

One team starts with two ping pong balls, the other starts with one. Begin by throwing the balls at the same time, and continue to throw until one of the balls makes it into the opposing team's cups.

If the ball is sunk in one of your cups, you must drink the contents of the Solo cup before you're allowed to throw again. Once all of your cups have been sunk, you're out.

The last person with cups remaining is the winner.

"Up the River, Down the River”

What you need: 1 deck of cards (2 if you have more than 6 people playing), plenty of beer

Number of players: 4+

How drunk will you get: Depends on how the cards are drawn

Consider "Up the River, Down the River" a classier (and simpler) alternative to King's Cup: fewer rules, more drinking.


The dealer deals out three cards one at a time to each player. Then, the dealer will flip one card at a time off the top of the remaining deck, face up (this is called "up the river"). If a player has the same face value (numerical, not suit!) of an "up-river" card, he takes one drink for the first up-river card, two for the second up-river card, and three if he has a match to the third card. 

Then, the dealer deals out three cards again, one at a time ("down the river"). If a player has the same (numerical) face value of a "down-river" card, they get to dish out a drink to any of the other players. (Some rules state that that it's one drink for the first card, two for the second, and three for the third; others say it's the opposite: three drinks for the first card, two for the second, and one for the third. It's your call.)

The game goes on as the dealer continues to deal three cards each, "up the river" and "down the river" until the deck is used up. 

Slap Cup

What you need: 27 Solo cups (2 of them empty), 2 ping pong balls

Number of players: 6+

How drunk will you get: Inevitably a slow build up for a showdown of beer chugging

If you've mastered flip cup, slap cup is the new frontier to conquer.


Fill 25 of the Solo cups halfway with beer, and place in the middle of the table in a circle.

Start with two players standing directly across from each other, with an empty cup in front of them. To begin, (it's customary for the two starting players to touch balls to announce "kick off"), the two players begin to bounce their balls into their designated empty cup.

If the player makes it into the cup on the first try, they can pass the cup to anyone on the table. Otherwise, the players keep shooting until they make the ball in the cup; once they do, they must pass the cup and ball to the player standing to the right. 

The "showdown" between players begins when the two "shooters" are standing directly next to each other (with no one in between them). If the player standing on the left bounces the ball into his or her cup first, then he or she gets to slap the opponent's cup off the table (hence the name "slap cup").

The loser whose cup gets slapped off the table then must grab a cup from the circle, chug it, and continue trying to bounce the ball into the new cup. The winner (aka, the slapper) passes off the cup and ball to the next person. (You can pass over the loser if he's still trying to make his shot.)

Continue this process until all of the cups are empty.


What you need: 1 cup for each player, 1 large cup filled to the top with beer, 1 quarter, enough beer to fill the cups

Number of players: As many as can fit around your table

How drunk will you get: There's lots of chugging involved, enough said.

Consider this the safer alternative to "quarters," one that doesn't involve body parts.


Place the large, filled-up cup in the center of the table, and fill each player's cup half-full with beer. Then, place those cups (one for each player) in a circle around the full cup.

The first player tries to bounce the quarter into one of the half-full cups. If he makes it into a person's cup, the owner has chug it, and the player continues shooting. If he doesn't make it into a cup, he passes the quarter to the person to his right, going in a full circle.

If a player's quarter makes it into the larger cup, each player has to chug their own glass. (Some say then you must flip your cup in an impromptu game of flip cup — whether or not you have the capabilities to do it.) The last person to finish chugging (or the last person to flip) then must chug the large center cup.

The game finishes when players are done chugging, so we assume. 


What you need: Your fingers (or at least one good one), a drink for everyone playing

Number of players: Limitless

How drunk will you get: Depending on how fast you're drinking, and how many people are playing, the odds are in your favor

You know the "thumb master" rule in King's Cup? The Finger game is an expansion of that rule.


The whole premise of the game is to guess how many fingers will be left on the edge of the table at the end of the round. To start, everyone playing puts their finger on the edge of the table (some versions say to put your finger on the edge of a glass, but we figure we wouldn't want to waste a beer on that).

The first player must guess how many fingers will be left at the end of that turn still on the table. Then, at the count of three, everyone playing must either remove their finger from the edge, or leave it on the edge — no overthinking it.

If the player correctly predicted how many fingers would be left on the edge of the table, he gets a pass and doesn't have to drink. If he doesn't, well, he drinks. Then it's onto the next person.

The game is over when no one can coherently count anymore. (Kidding!) 

Sinking Ship

What you need: You can play two ways: with a pint glass and a shot glass, or with large pitchers and a smaller glass that can fit inside; another pitcher of beer

Number of players: Limitless

How drunk will you get: Very, very drunk — we recommend trying this with a pint glass and not a pitcher if you want to pace yourself

Ever wanted to turn your Car Bombs into a drinking game? Yeah, this will do it. It's like Jenga, but instead of taking pieces out, you're filling something up... and you're drunk.


Fill your pint glass or pitcher with beer, to the top. Then, float either your shot glass (if using a pint glass) or smaller glass (if using a pitcher) on top.

Each player takes turns pouring beer into the floating glass, slowly. The first person to "sink the ship," or to pour so much beer that the glass sinks, must chug the glass (or pitcher) of beer.


What you need: An ice cube tray, quarters, a drink for each player; one large Solo cup of beer for the table

Number of players: Limitless (but more than 4, preferably)

How drunk will you get: Depends how good you are at bouncing quarters

A step up from Chandeliers, Moose is just as challenging — and hilarious.


Place the (empty) ice cube tray vertically in front of the starting player. Each cube in the ice cube tray is numbered, the closest cube on the left as number one, the closest on the right as number two, the second cube on the left side of the tray number three, and so on. The tray is also divided by left and right: the left side means "give a drink," right means "take a drink."

The player gets two tries to bounce a quarter into one of the cubes; if he makes it in one of the cubes, he either gives — or drinks — the number that corresponds with that drink. (For example: if he makes it into the number four cube on the tray, he must drink four drinks; if he makes it into the number seven cube on the tray, he must give out seven drinks to people playing.)

If the player misses the cube on both tries, he must chug from the beer on the table and pass the ice cube tray on.

If the player makes the cube farthest away from him (the 11 and 12 spots), everyone playing must yell "Moose!" and put their hands on top of their heads (like antlers, get it?). The last person to do so must chug the rest of the beer in the middle.

The game ends whenever you can't count ice cubes any more.