11 Festive Punch Recipes to Get Your Holiday Party Going

This is the round-up of the festive party punch recipes you’ve been looking for
Holiday Cocktails


Throw the ultimate holiday party by serving one (or several) of these punch cocktails.

Getting ready for your holiday get-together? This year, ditch the cocktail shaker and make hosting simpler with big batch punch cocktails.

11 Festive Punch Recipes to Get Your Holiday Party Going

Punch cocktails are a great way to entertain because they're easy to make and allow guests to serve themselves. Another plus: If you surround the punch bowl with a few bottles of seltzer or club soda, your guests can adjust the strength of their cocktails. Not only does punch allow you to focus on being with your friends and family during the party, they can also be prepared the morning of, leaving you with plenty of time to cook and otherwise prepare in the afternoon and evening.

Don’t let the idea of making a big batch of cocktails scare you. You can just multiply your favorite cocktail recipe by the number of guests you are serving (or more, based on how many rounds you want to offer) and easily create any punch you want. For the holidays, however, it’s fun to get festive, with flavors like apple, cinnamon, spice, and ginger. If you incorporate them into your cocktails, you’ll bring your entire holiday beverage table to life.


Ready to prep your punch? Here are some great festive punch recipes for your holiday party.