10 Cocktails to Savor On World Gin Day

Check out this roundup of easy, delicious gin cocktail recipes to celebrate with on June 11

10 Cocktails to Savor On World Gin Day

World Gin Day is this Saturday! There are plenty of other innovative gin-based cocktails to enjoy if the traditional gin and tonic is not your drink of choice. From sweet to smoky, slushy to on-the-rocks, these recipes are easy to make and fabulously refreshing to drink. These ten cocktails come from some of the best bartenders around — now you can make them right at home.

SushiSamba's Edamame and Snow Pea Gin and Tonic

This innovative beverage comes with a powerful, fragrant twist on the timeless classic made with an edamame and snow pea infused gin and the finest quality tonic.

Click here for the Edamame and Snow Pea Gin and Tonic recipe.

Highway Restaurant & Bar's Georgica Cooler

The libation gets a sweet twist with strawberry gin making for a smooth and delicious cocktail. 

Click here for the Gorgica Cooler recipe.

Dante's Negroni Bianco

This popular take on the classic negroni formula uses two kinds of vermouth and combines them with quinquina, lemon bitters, and gin.

Click here for the Negroni Bianco recipe. 

Oiji's Smoke House

With smoky Lapsang Souchong-infused gin, green chartreuse, and cynar this is signature drink is aromatic and possesses layers of flavor. With just a hint of smoke, this cocktail pairs well with heartier fare, like ribs or steak.

Click here for the Smoke House recipe.

Gin Mare's Red Tonic

Gin Mare, which originates from the Mediterranean, gives this vivacious cocktail layers of complexity, as the herbal elements, such as rosemary and olive, linger on the tongue.

Click here for the Red Tonic recipe.

Mother's Ruin Spring in Your Pants Slushy

Do not miss out on this alcoholic slushy, which changes daily and is continually churning behind the wooden bar. The Spring in Your Pants Slushy is a newer one, featuring the refreshing flavors of gin, Aperol, lemon, mint leaves, honey, and a dash of Peychaud’s bitters.

Click here for the Spring in Your Pants Slushy.

Nolet's Finest Gins: Silver Bulleit

Made with Nolet’s Silver Dry Gin, The Silver Bulliet, this cocktail features notes of rose, peach, and raspberry making it quite a distinctly flavored gin-based drink. 

Click here for the Silver Bulliet recipe.

Gin Mare's Summer

A contemporary revisit of a classic cocktail, such the Tequila Sunrise, with our own twist to conquer the season that you never want to end. 

Click here for Gin Mare's Summer recipe.

Boodles Gin & Tonic

Boodles Gin celebrates this drink that pays homage to the British Empire in the 19th century, when the drink was concocted in India. Boodles has no citrus botanicals, in the efforts to make the most well-balanced cocktails, since a this refreshing cocktail historically is garnished with a slice of lemon or lime. 

Click here for Boodles Gin & Tonic.

Añejo Tribeca's Tea Thyme

Tea Thyme is perfect for gin lovers who have a great appreciation for botanicals. Shake this fresh mix of matcha tea and gin for an innovative cocktail ― one that's also calorie-conscious.

Click here for Añejo Tribeca's Tea Thyme recipe.