The 1 Drinking Game Every College Student Should know

Putting a wobbly spin on an old favorite

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Try The Monopoly Drinking Game

Nowadays, college kids seem to turn everything into a drinking game. Watching the World Cup? Let’s take a shot after every goal. Do you have any spare change? It’s just another prop for a game filled with booze. To join in on the fun, we decided to take part in the party and add another classic to the list.

When you remember the board games you played as a kid, what is the first one that comes to mind? Never in our wildest dreams would we have imagined that someone already tweaked the rules to good old Monopoly — but don’t worry, it’s a thing.

Want to add a unique-yet-amusing twist to your next game of Monopoly? Take a look at the hysterically written rules below, provided by College Party Guru. Be careful — some people tend to be careless with their money after they’ve had a few. And remember to drink responsibly!

— Drink one time when you land on someone’s property.

— Drink three times if they own all of that color.

— Take a shot if you land on a hotel.

— Drink one time when you roll doubles.

— Assign two drinks when you land on GO.

— Drink one time if you mortgage a property.

— Finish your drink to get out of jail.

— Drink one time if you’re in jail and someone lands on “Just Visiting.”

— If you land on Water Works or Electric Co., drink the amount you roll.

— If you land on a railroad, drink the number of railroads the player owns.

— If you owe money to the bank, pour beer in the common glass.

— Drink the common glass if you land on free parking.


— If the bank owes you money, assign a drink to someone.