8 Drinking Games You Can Play With Classic Board Games

8 Drinking Games You Can Play With Classic Board Games

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Like most things, board games are better with booze

Remember those rainy days at camp long ago when you sat idly in the cafeteria thumping at the Game of Life spinner, hoping you wouldn’t have to add any more of those blue and pink “kid” pegs to your already-packed plastic car?

8 Drinking Games You Can Play With Classic Board Games (Slideshow)

Now you’re all grown up and probably still hoping the same thing. But board games don’t have to be a long forgotten pastime endured on days too overcast for swimming. Think of all the opportunities you have to pull out the old Monopoly board this summer: barbeques, neighborhood bar patio seating, family Fourth of July clam bakes… the list goes on.

And why would you want to unearth these old classics? Because board games are fun. There’s nothing like making your dad fork over his last $200 of pink paper money to make you feel like a winner, or looking your best friend straight in the eye and smirking: “Sorry.”

Now, imagine if the next time you’re chilling with your friends on the patio at your favorite pub, you pull out a deck of Uno cards and everyone drinks when you pull a “Wild” card. What had been a morose rehashing of a tense workweek suddenly takes everyone back to a carefree afternoon in your parents’ basement rec room. You’ll be laughing, joking, and, most importantly, drinking your way to an awesome night. We’ve even included some fun drinking game rules to the truly fundamentally depressing Game of Life. Play it our way: Even if you get sued right after you get fired and have twins, you’ll still come out feeling pretty good.


Monopoly is meant to teach children the ins and outs of capitalism, but why not make it an adult microcosm of how the other half lives? To play the drinking version, get 12 cans of Miller High Life (or some other inexpensive beer) and 12 more expensive craft brews. Players get only half as much money as they do regular Monopoly, but they get three High Lifes and three craft beers. When money starts to run low, players can barter with their beers. At the end of the game, it’s fun to see who managed to keep what’s really important.

Girl Talk

If there is one game in the history of board games that needed alcohol, this is it. In this game, players spin a giant wheel to find out whether they’ll perform a stunt, answer a personal question, ask a personal question, or have to assign cards that say things like “Wiggles When She Walks” to friends. The drinking version goes like this: drink once for a stunt, twice for a question. If you have to make up the question, the rest of the players must drink until you ask it. If you have to assign cards, you must also assign two drinks, either to two different players or one who still, somehow, seems sober.

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