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No matter where you are in the country, Thanksgiving is a big-time holiday. All over the nation, friends and families come together to celebrate this holiday by feasting, so it is easy to understand why home cooks get so nervous about hosting the big meal.

But for chef Damaris Phillips, Thanksgiving is just another day to spend with the people she loves most. 

"All of my family, my aunts, uncles, and siblings, we all gather and do a big pot luck," she said as she filled cups of sweet milk and cornbread for hungry guests at Trisha Yearwood's Down Home Country Brunch at the New York City Wine and Food Festival. "But then the next day we go to my fiancé's families house and pick out Christmas trees and set them up to decorate. It's a whole season!"

Before Phillips rushes forward into the Christmas season, she does take a minute to savor the Thanksgiving holiday. Her go-to dish? Casseroles.

"I love to make casseroles. I usually make a green bean casserole, but this year I was thinking I may make a grit casserole, a loaded grit casserole,' she divulges. "But then I love pumpkin pie." 

If you're looking to make it a delicious and simple Thanksgiving, take Phillips's lead. A casserole is the perfect dish to bring to this monumental dinner. Comforting and loaded with love, casseroles can be made for every course of the Thanksgiving dinner. And they can be made ahead. Don't believe us? Just check out or 101 Best Casseroles for All Occasions! Maybe chef Phillips will be making one of ours this year?

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