Domino’s Japan Dressed Delivery Bikes as Reindeer

Training deer to deliver pizza didn’t work, so now we have bikes in horns

Domino's Pizza Japan couldn't make real reindeer deliver pizzas, so they dressed up all their delivery vehicles in fake fur and horns instead.

In the month of December, reindeer usually bring toys, and maybe cookies or a bit of nostalgic good cheer, but in Japan they’re delivering pizza.

Last week Domino’s Pizza in Japan announced that it would be training real-live reindeer to deliver pizzas to customers in the month of December. First they tried putting pizzas on the reindeers’ backs, but that didn’t work so well. Then they made a show of trying to get reindeer to pull a sleigh full of pizza boxes. Now, however, they’ve decided to take the animals out of the equation entirely and just dress its normal pizza-delivery vehicles as reindeer instead.

According to Rocket News 24, Domino’s Pizza in Japan has covered its pizza-delivery vehicles--partially enclosed three-wheeled vehicles that look like small golf carts with insulated pizza storage boxes on the back--with fake fur, ears, plush noses, and giant horns to make them look like enormous, slightly deformed reindeer.

With the Domino’s Pizza delivery app in Japan, users can watch their pizza being delivered to them so they know exactly where it is and when it will arrive. Usually that is done with a tiny icon of a delivery vehicle that looks a bit like a scooter. For December, the vehicle icon has been replaced with a picture of a smiling reindeer with a red nose.


The carts are not as much fun as a team of live reindeer, but they’re also a lot faster and easier to clean up after.