Santa’s reindeer aren’t just delivering toys this year.


Domino’s Is Training Reindeer to Deliver Your Pizza This Holiday Season

Domino’s Japan is working on a method for reindeer to deliver pizza this year to all of the good and hungry boys and girls

“Rudolph had red-hot pizza, and a very shiny face. And if you ever ate some, you would want more than just a taste.”

Domino’s Japan is trying out some unorthodox pizza delivery this holiday season. Instead of using delivery guys (or animatronic pizza robots), they’ll be training reindeer to deliver orders. Regardless of whether you’re on the naughty or nice list, you’ll ostensibly be able to get your pizza hoof-delivered by Santa’s snowy helpers.

Customers will be able to track their order using a GPS app that shows the progress of their order with a cartoon reindeer.

As expected, the fast-food pizza company has run into some kinks. Namely, how do you get reindeer to deliver pizza? First, they tried attaching pizza boxes to the animals’ backs, but they kept sliding off. The latest attempt is the old-fashioned way: having the reindeer pull a sleigh full of pizza boxes.

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Domino’s Japan will announce their official plan for the holiday season Dec. 1.

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