DIY Round Up: Dessert Art

Check out how these 3 desserts can be turned into art with little preparation

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

One dessert art you can make is this Jackson Pollock Chocolate Cake.

We can all be intimidated by the fancy looking desserts. Those delicate piping lines or perfectly scattered toppings aren’t easy for everyone to make. So if you’re not the best artist or don’t have enough time to make any fancy dessert decorations, don’t worry! These three DIY food projects, orignally appearing on Huffington Post, are perfect for you to try:

You can make a cake look like a painting with just sprinkles! First, bake a cake of your choice and layer on your frosting. Depending on what image you want to create, choose what colored sprinkles to use. Then sprinkle on the different colors exactly as if you were panting or coloring. Styled by Michelle Gatton, the one Huffington Post uses is of the Eifel Tower, and we think it is a perfect template to try at home! 

You can  imitate Jackson Pollock’s trademark abstract expressionism style  for a masterpiece of your own. Food stylist Heather Meldrom created “Pollock Rice Krispie Treats” for Huffington Post by baking rice krispie treats and scattering various icing colors all over them. The colors pop and take hardly any time to make!

People Magazine on their new food channel, suggests making these cute owl crackers as a way to “brighten snack time.” These only require five simple store bought ingredients: round crackers, mini round crackers, cream cheese, almonds (both full and slivered ones), and raisins. Dab a layer of the cream cheese on the round cracker and make little wave-like indents for feathers  using your knife.Add on the mini-crackers as the eyes with raisins on top for pupils.The almonds will act as a  beak and the sliced almonds will serve as the feathers around the mini cracker.

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These three projects are a great way to spend time with your kids after school  or are great to bring to a dinner party or event.  Make them in your kitcen today!