DIY Halloween Desserts and Drinks

Check out these ideas for any Halloween celebration

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Don't be afraid, these severed fingers taste better than they look.

With Halloween less than a month away, we are busy planning parties, scouting for costumes, and preparing candy for those trick-or-treaters. And when it comes to this spooky holiday, there are tons of ways you are expected to celebrate. From bites at your next party or desserts for your kids’ class, there are so many easy ideas you can do to make all of your Halloween celebrations festive.

Eerie ‘Fingers’
These severed fingers are guaranteed to give your guests the chills. Though they look like an old witch’s fingers, once your guests take a bite, they’ll be amazed at how something so horrid can taste so delicious. The recipe calls for minimal store-bought ingredients and takes less than thirty minutes to make, perfect for those a lot of guests and not a lot of time. Place them in a bowl and use them both décor and snacks.

Creepy Cupcakes
Once you choose a cupcake flavor of your choice there are so many spooky things you can do to make them festive an fun!. Using different fondants, can totally transform your cupcake. Try making a black cat, candy corn, or ghost that will surely the little ones (and heck, the adults too) smile. Share them among friends and family or serve them as dessert for your next Halloween party. They also make a great afterschool activity for some quality time in the kitchen with your kids.

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Spooky Spirits
Some cocktails call for sugar on the rims of glass to give us that little extra sweetness we crave.  To keep everyone in the holiday spirit, try colored sugars for your cocktail. Just remember to put some lemon or lime juice around the rim of the glass and dip it into the sugar before making the drink. Your guests will love your attention to detail!