DIY Halloween Décor for Your Table

Make your table pop with a creepy centerpiece from one of these easy DIY Halloween décor ideas
DIY Halloween Décor

Time to get crafty with these easy DIY Halloween décor ideas.

Halloween décor doesn't have to be a frightful endeavor. In fact, with a few easy ideas and craft materials, Halloween décor can be almost as fun to make as your Halloween costume. While tailoring Halloween décor to fit a party is always a great idea, it is fun to have Halloween table décor that will actually last all season long. We came up with a few simple DIY Halloween décor ideas to help you get started.

Candy Corn

Delicious to eat? Absolutely. More fun to craft with? We think so! You can use candy corn to do so much with your table. Fill candle holders or hurricane vases with them for a subtle accent that will make your table pop! We recommend skipping this one, however, if you have any pest problems in the house; they are made of sugar, after all!

Go with Gourds

Don't carve these pumpkins! Instead, lacquer on some lovely lace and arrange these fall jewels in a fruit bowl for a stunning seasonal centerpiece that will awe your guests.

Creepy Cupcake Tree


Cupcake trees aren't good for just hiding cupcakes! Decorate them with creepy knickknacks and weave a fake spider web around each tier for a truly eerie centerpiece.