10 Halloween Plates for Your Table Setting

From cute to creepy, dress your table with décor you can eat off

This creepy Ouija board plate would look great on a seance themed Halloween table.

The time of year is approaching when we ditch our formal ware and drape the house in quirky, creepy decorations. Halloween has always inspired some of the most creative minds to come up with amazing decorative displays. After all, this holiday is all about pushing your imagination to the ultimate limit. The best part about this holiday is that there is a style for every taste. You could be a fan of gruesome horror movies and figure out a way to serve disgusting-looking (but delicious) dinners. Or maybe you are intrigued by the Victorian/gothic appeal where everything is tinged with an ever-so-slight accent of peculiar. You could even completely hate all things spooky and indulge in the adorable side of Halloween with smiling ghosts and pink-nosed witches.

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While you are busy hanging your cobwebs or candy corn garland, one challenge you may face is dressing up your Halloween table. Sure you can pull together a wicked centerpiece to fit your theme in no time at all, but it would still be missing that element that pulls the entire spread together.


Don’t overlook your dishware when pulling your table together. And we don’t mean just black and orange plates, we are talking intricately designed and perfectly tailored pieces that will make your table pop this Halloween.All of the dishes we found are not only decorative, but they are food-safe so your guests can gaze upon artwork while they clear their plate. Take a look at the examples we found and see if they could fit your own Halloween bash, whatever your style!