Burger with egg

These Dishes Are Way Better Topped With an Egg

Adding a runny egg is a cheap and easy way to elevate any basic dish
Burger with egg

Although eggs are usually associated with breakfast, they have the ability to elevate many humble dishes into something that tastes luxurious and is more satisfying to eat. Whether it's poached or fried, topping foods like grain bowls, burgers, and even pizza with an egg is an easy way to transform a simple recipe into something completely decadent.

Since the prices of eggs are so cheap, adding them to a dish is a wallet-friendly way to upgrade a basic meal and we’re here to share three wonderful examples of recipes that are way better when topped with an egg. Make sure to keep the yolk runny though (try these hacks for making the perfect sunny-side-up egg), as this is where all the richness of the egg lives.

Grain Bowls

Egg topped grain bowl

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Veggie packed grain bowls, loaded with protein, nutrients, and fiber are supper healthy, but sometimes lack flavor. Adding a fried egg to the dish creates a more exciting eating experience and brings the whole meal together.

Click here for the Market Bowl With Fried Egg and Almond-Tamari Sauce recipe.


Egg topped veggie burger

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Both beef and veggie burgers benefit from the addition of a runny egg topping. The yolk works as the special sauce that can turn a regular burger into somthing truly addicting.

Click here for the Mushroom Burger With Fried Egg and Truffle Oil recipe.


Egg topped pizza

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If you thought pizza couldn’t get any better, then you need to try it with an egg baked on top of it. The egg adds substance to the pizza and the yolk makes for the best thing to dip your crust in.

Click here for the Pizza Margherita With Prosciutto di Parma and Poached Egg recipe.


Don’t limit yourself to just these foods, though; get creative with what you think an egg would taste great on top of. Other dishes that are nice topped with an egg include fried rice, poached asparagus, pasta, and more. Besides adding flavor, there are many health benefits associated with this simple food — there are at least 11 health-related reasons to eat an egg every day.