5 Bars Serving Alcoholic Ice Pops

Need your frozen, boozy fix? Check out where bars are serving alcoholic ice pops

New York City’s East Village joint Counter proved to be before its time when it introduced a selection alcoholic ice pops to its menu in 2009. The low-key vegetarian spot has since closed its doors, but other hotspots are following suit, and the boozy frozen treat epidemic is spreading. Here’s where you can get some of the best frozen drinks under the sun:

Loopy Doopy Lounge, the rooftop bar of the Conrad New York Hotel, charges $16 a pop for a blend of fruit puree and prosecco, which they claim contains about 20 percent alcohol.

• Fany Gerson, owner of the La Newyorkina cart, has created an alcohol-infused twist on her Mexican-inspired ice pops called ‘paletas,’ which she offers at promotional events. She is currently working to obtain permits to sell her alcoholic twist on the frozen treat at her cart that will be stationed on top of NYC’s beloved High Line this summer. We hear the best flavors to try are Strawberry Mojito and Spicy Pineapple Margarita. The non-alcoholic versions currently go for $3-4 each.

• In Atlanta, King of Pops has added adult-only flavors called “poptails” to its standard ice pop offerings. It also recently teamed up with Patrón to create a promotional treat that was served at the Coachella Valley Music Festival and the Manhattan Cocktail Classic.

• Austin’s nightlife hub 6th Street is home to Key Bar, which now offers $12 cocktails called ‘shakers,’ garnished with homemade ice pops that absorb the drink’s boozy flavors. We’re dying to try the All Good made with Grey Goose and lemonade, topped off with a raspberry and mint ice pop.

Bar Nineteen 12 inside the Beverly Hills hotel in Los Angeles seems to hold the monopoly for adult desserts on the West Coast. Although they have moved away from the fruity alcoholic pops, they make a mean Martini ice pop in a variety of flavors.

While fewer establishments seem interested in taking on the challenge of making and marketing alcohol-infused ice pops, Snobar has burst onto the scene –but not without some controversy. The company has made pre-packaged alcoholic ice creams and ice pops which are set to hit shelves in Arizona and Las Vegas. While its Cosmopolitan and Margarita ice pops contain 6.41 percent alcohol each (about equivalent to that of a traditional, unfrozen version of the cocktails), many are concerned about the message these boozy treats will send to kids. Critics believe the underage crowd will want to consume these tantalizing treats themselves. The popsicles will only be sold in stores that sell other alcohol products, and will obviously be restricted from minors.