You Have to Try This Quinoa Cooking Hack


You Have to Try This Quinoa Cooking Hack

Cook quinoa perfectly in 8 minutes with this cooking tip
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In the time it takes to read this simple hack, you could have a bowl of piping hot, perfectly cooked quinoa on the table — just use your microwave. We’ve all experienced the failings of cooking quinoa on the stove-top. It’s tricky. If the heat is on too high, the seed is likely to burn; if the heat is too low, the 15 minute buzzer goes off, there’s still way too much water in the pot, and it’s just a hair too crunchy.

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Here are the facts: Quinoa is the seed of a crop related to the beet plant. The seed itself is similar to buckwheat. But its nutritive properties, like its high-protein and potassium content are what give it its “superfood” popularity.

Take the trickiness out of cooking this healthy seed, and follow these simple tips to fluffy, quinoa bliss. First, rinse your quinoa with water in a fine mesh strainer to remove the bitter coating on the outside of the seed. Second, place a cup of quinoa in a microwave safe bowl, and then cover with two cups of water, chicken stock, or vegetable broth. Then, cover with a plate so you can get some steaming action going in the microwave. Cook the quinoa on high for 6 minutes. Remove the bowl from the microwave, and give it a quick stir, and then place the bowl back in the microwave, cooking for 2 more minutes. Let sit covered for about 10 minutes or until the rest of the water is absorbed. Drain any additional liquid that remains, and add in your favorite mix-ins, seasonings, and toppings for a delicious and healthy quinoa bowl.

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