What Not to Grill Slideshow

Root Vegetables and Tubers

These are on chef Kerry Heffernan’s foods to avoid on the grill. Yes, you can wrap them in aluminum foil and cook them for a long time on the grill, but placing a rock-hard whole potato on the grill might not be the best idea. Try roasting carrots, beets, and potatoes instead and serving them alongside grilled meats or fish.

Fine Lettuces

Heffernan also suggests avoiding grilling fine lettuces because delicate greens can’t withstand the heat and will wilt. Instead, try using romaine lettuce for a charred salad or even grilling radicchio before shredding it and topping a crumbled gorgonzola on top.

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Hopefully this one is self-explanatory…

Raw Cookie Dough


Yes, placing unbaked cookies on a sheet pan on the grill and closing it is a possibility, but the direct heat source underneath will most likely result in burnt bottoms. Baked goods in general should steer clear of the grill because they will not fare well from a direct heat source. However, baked cookies are wonderful when thrown on the grill, warmed up, and served with some ice cream. Just saying.

Flaky White Fish


It’s better to stick with meatier and heartier fish like salmon, swordfish, or tuna so that the fish doesn’t break apart on the grill. If you're craving a white fish, grilling a whole white fish is an excellent option — check out this recipe and video tips on how to do it.




Why you’d want to grill noodles in the first place is a different question. Though a slightly crispy lasagna noodle could be nice, smaller varieties like angel hair or spaghetti would slip through the cracks and be consumed by the flames below. Sad news for a hungry stomach.

Small Pieces of Food

Whether it’s thinly sliced bell peppers (you need a thick cut to grill them) or tiny fruit like raspberries, small pieces of food that can slip through the grill grates should be avoided. Grilled fruit is delicious, but larger ones like peaches, pears, or bananas are a better bet.

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Cremini Mushrooms


Following the same reasoning as the previous slide, when sliced, these mushrooms are too thin to be placed on the grill. Opt for larger mushrooms like portobellos, which you can slice after grilling for sandwiches or serve alongside grilled proteins.

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