Anything Using Liquid Nitrogen from What Not to Cook Naked, Part 2 Slideshow

What Not to Cook Naked, Part 2 Slideshow


Anything Using Liquid Nitrogen


While you may feel like a semi-bona fide version of Wylie Dufresne or Ferran Adrià as you're whipping up a batch of strawberry ice cream using an electric stand mixer and a tank of liquid nitrogen, you might not feel so awesome if your, er, appendages start freezing away, too. This may be one thing paramedics haven't seen before, and any damage may be permanent.

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Onions? Really? "In general, you don't want to cry naked," says Tim McGeever, public relations manager for The Daily Meal. 'Nuff said.

Live Lobster


This should be pretty self-evident. Actually, let's just make this anything with claws.

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Flambéed Anything


"The alcohol fumes can spread, so there can be a flash outside of the cooking area," says Dave Williams, a trained chef. Trimmed or shaved is now de rigueur, but singed? Not so much. And don't think you're going to get off easy if hair isn't an issue. Can we say flash burns?

Boiling Noodles


"Pasta can be dangerous when you drain the noodles," says Williams. "Even with clothes, I have been splashed and been burned so that the skin turned red. I'd hate to think what would happen to uncovered flesh."

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"Roux is molten lava, and the fact that it must be stirred constantly renders it all the more dangerous. Bad idea."

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"Men will want to avoid geoduck clams," says Amy Reiley, author of Fork Me, Spoon Me and Romancing the Stove. Why? "You run the risk of your partner drawing a comparison. The clam will always win!"

Anything Grilled Outdoors


If you're lucky enough to live in a clime where it's warm enough to fire up the grill and cook something in the backyard, we envy you. But this is something you may want to reconsider doing in the buff. Why? Reiley counsels against "anything on the barbie, unless you enjoy alienating your neighbors."

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Donuts and Fritters


Looking to impress at dessert with some homemade donuts à la mode? Think again. "Nothing hurts more than a [donut or] fritter burn," says Reiley.

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Crème Brûlée


"Anything that involves a sharp knife or kitchen blowtorch seem like good recipes to steer clear of," says Jennifer Burcke, member of the Culinary Content Network and author of the blog 1840 Farm.

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