This Is the Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich

This Is the Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Because everyone knows that leftovers are the best thing about the holidays!
This Is the Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich

Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and the holidays in general are all about indulging in good food and drink with family and friends. Households spend time prepping and cooking, making dishes ahead of the big day, researching stuffing recipes and fighting over which pie really is the best holiday dessert. Turkey, gravy, stuffing and cranberry sauce are all undeniably delicious on Thanksgiving day, but often, the real food-induced excitement comes the following day.

This Is the Ultimate Leftover Turkey Sandwich, Recipes

Holiday leftovers are a celebration in their own right. Often in the scramble leading up to festivities and the buzz of cheery drinking, the actual meal goes by in a bit of a blur and the whole day generally ends in a peaceful and satisfied cozy nest of overindulgence. But with the arrival of the next day comes a new chance to enjoy the tasty morsels that were so lovingly prepared for the day before.

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Ahh, the leftover turkey sandwich! It truly is one of the joys of the holidays! But which combination of bread, turkey and fixins really reigns supreme? Read on for not one, but 11 great recipes for the ultimate leftover turkey sandwich!