Southern Recipes Every Northerner Needs to Try

A Southern cooking bucket list
50 Southern Recipes

Chicken and waffles is a Southern staple, best eaten any time of day.

Dishes you can only find in the Midwest and the food from New England are special and delicious in their own right, but nobody cooks quite like a Southerner. Southern cuisine is full of flavor, thanks to heavy-handedness when it comes to meat, cream, cheese and spice. When served with that signature Southern hospitality, you have a meal fit for champions.

50 Southern Recipes Every Northerner Needs to Try Gallery

The only thing is… trying to cook like a true Southerner is no easy task. Heck, even people who are born and bred in the region struggle to recreate dishes that are as good as their grandma’s. Luckily for Northerners and other clueless non-Southern chefs, we combed through our recipe archives to find 50 Southern recipes that are easy, delicious and characteristic of the region.


We found hearty breakfasts like steak and eggs, delightful appetizers such as boiled peanuts, classic mains including fried chicken, flavorful sides like pancetta-stewed green beans, sweet and sassy desserts like a bourbon peach cobbler and even a few New Orleans-inspired cocktails that every Northerner needs to try to cook up in their own home kitchens. Because even if you can’t live like a Southerner, you can cook like one with these 50 recipes.