24 Recipes to Finish a Gallon of Milk

Finish a Gallon of Milk With These Recipes

Never pour that last bit of spoiled milk down the drain again
24 Recipes to Finish a Gallon of Milk

The taste of soured, mouth-puckering, milk isn’t easily forgotten. Somehow that last bit of milk in the gallon never seems to have a long enough shelf life to finish. To keep your milk from spoiling, we have rounded up 24 recipes that will keep you using milk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until the last drop is poured.

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Instead of pouring money and nutrients down the drain, check out these recipes that include everything from healthy yogurt to hearty lasagna so you don’t find yourself on the wrong end of a glass of spoiled milk.

Milk is an excellent source of calcium, and it’s also fortified with vitamin D, making it one of the only dietary sources of the vitamin, which we otherwise create by absorbing sunlight.

In addition to being a nutritious food, milk is used in so many different recipes that if you plan your meals, it shouldn’t be hard to finish off a gallon a week cooking for a hungry family. Use milk to DIY your own yogurt and ricotta cheese from scratch for a fun kitchen project. Additionally, you can use your extra milk for make-ahead lasagna casseroles with a creamy béchamel sauce, meal prep breakfast with overnight oats or chia pudding, or fiber-rich oatmeal pancakes for a weekend brunch.

For more delicious ways to finish off a gallon of milk, check out these 24 recipes that are sure to keep you cooking from breakfast through dinner.


Angela Carlos contributed to this story.