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Make Your Own Dunkaroos

Your favorite, defunct childhood snack is back
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This grown-up twist on the childhood classic Dunkaroos will make everyone jealous, and the next generation of kids will love them, too.

When we were kids, the most glorious time of day arrived just after spelling, but before recess — snack time. In a world where what was brought to snack time determined the social hierarchy on the playground, Dunkaroos were king.

We may have traded school days for work days, but snack time is still serious business. The perfect pick-me-up might just be an old favorite.

Betty Crocker first launched the frosting covered cookie in 1988, and snackers rejoice as they devoured all ten of the cinnamon flavored cookies. Over the years the flavor choices grew, and Dunkaroo fans enjoyed everything from graham cracker cookies to strawberry icing.  Sadly, these beloved cookies snack packs made their last appearance in the U.S. in 2012, but are still available in Canada.  

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Many moons have passed since Dunkaroos last graced the shelves of the nearest grocery store, but all hope is not lost. The grown-up answer to this treat is surprisingly simple to reproduce.

What makes this snack such an enduring treat is the crispy cookie and creamy frosting that satisfy even the most resilient sweet tooth. No matter the combination, honey graham, chocolate-hazelnut, cookies'n'cream, or the original cinnamon, Dunkaroos hold a special place in our hearts.

Whether you dunked your kangaroo cookie in vanilla, chocolate, or some sprinkle-spotted version of frosting, there is no denying that cookies and frosting are a snack-time hit. These cookie treats will delight any of the lucky friends, family, or co-workers with whom you choose to share your homemade Dunkaroos reboot.

The Cookie: Type

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The cookie is the vessel by which the silky smooth frosting is delivered to your mouth. Choose wisely. We recommend a simple vanilla wafer or graham cracker. Dunkaroos came in a multitude of flavors over the years, proving that you can dunk any cookie in frosting.

The Cookie: Shape

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The kangaroo shape might not have affected the flavor, but it surely added to the Dunkaroos mystique. Choose your favorite animal-shaped cookie cutter to make this snack your own. While we all remember the kangaroo mascot, the most common cookie shape was actually a hot air balloon. 

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