15 Kooky Cookie Cutters

These cookie cutters are pretty kooky!

Take a bite out of a cookie shaped like a bottle of patron, a brain, or even a fetus.

No matter what kind of cookie it is — soft and gooey, chewy, or crunchy — a cookie is just more fun to eat when it has a fun shape. And as we all know, any cookie shape is possible with a cookie cutter.

For parties or holidays, or no reason at all, a cookie cutter can make your favorite kinds of cookies look silly, strange, fun, or all of the above. We’re all familiar with the classic cookie cutter shapes like animals, stars, and gingerbread men, but you may not realize what other possibilities are out there.

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For example, you’ve probably never realized that you could chomp into Stephen Colbert’s chocolaty face, or consume a bottle of Patrón that tastes like a cookie instead of tequila. You might not know that it’s possible to play a game of Tetris while devouring the tiles, or get smarter eating a brain cookie. Well, you’ll be happy to know that it’s quite possible with cookie cutters.


To help you plan your next cookie endeavor, here’s a collection of cookie cutters that you don’t see everyday. From Pac-Man and a chess set, to Harry Potter’s face and a fetus, these are some pretty kooky cookie cutters, and we think you’ll like them.