How to Make Every Style of Pizza: 10 Essential Recipes

Buffalo Wing Pizza

Craig Priebe, author and chef, creates a Buffalo Wing Pizza using hot sauce, celery, and chunks of a chicken breast.

How to Make Every Style of Pizza: 10 Essential Recipes


New York’s hand tossed pie is just one of many styles of pizza commonly found around the U.S.

No matter what you call it — Sicilian, deep-dish, Neapolitan, or flatbread — it’s all pizza. Americans are obsessed with pizza, so much so that the average American consumes about 23 pounds of it each year. That equates roughly to 46 slices of your favorite pie topped with whatever you crave, everything from a variety of cheeses, meats, vegetables, fruit, and even chocolate.

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The tradition of pizza can be traced back to ancient Roman and Greek civilizations. There is even evidence of pizza-like food in the Neolithic period. Humans clearly have a strong, unyielding attraction to this bread and toppings combo.

On any given day, millions of Americans pile into restaurants to satisfy their cravings for the blistered crust of a New Haven-style pizza, the flaky pastry of a Chicago-style pie, or the perfect foldable New York slice to enjoy on the go.

For those willing to venture outside of these favorite pizza cities, Detroit has its own twist, similar to Sicilian, and Al Forno in Providence, Rhode Island, owns bragging rights as the birthplace of grilled pizza.

To make these pies at home, you need the proper recipes. As with the foundation for any pie, the right crust recipe determines the successful outcome of your homemade pizza. For a deep-dish pie, you you'll want to follow this recipe for Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza dough. With a traditional New York-style pie, the dough needs more of a stretch to it, like in this recipe for chewy pizza dough.

As for topping selection, there are many directions to go, from sauceless pizza bianca to classic pizza Margherita. High-quality olive oil is essential for a pizza bianca, but for your traditional pies, homemade tomato sauce with fresh herbs and the perfect balance of garlic, acidic tomatoes, and spice will show the dough you labored over kneading and stretching the respect it deserves.

Here are 10 classic pizza styles from the raved about New York and Chicago deep dish style pizzas to the lesser known St. Louis and Grandma styles, and more.


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